List all wallets

Get a list of all digital wallets




Authorization string

set value to Bearer SECRET_KEY

Query Param

wallet_ref string

Wallet reference

bvn string

Bank verification number used oin registering the wallet


string required

Merchant Business ID

page string

Specifies the current page in a list of paginated data, default is set to 1

perPage string

Specifies the number of records per page of a paginated data, default is set to 50

Sample request

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer SECRET_KEY' \
--data-raw ''

Duplo Response

   "data": {
       "data": [
               "legder_balance": "0.00",
               "available_balance": "0.00",
               "bank_accounts": [
                       "transactions": [],
                       "metadata": "{}",
                       "provider": {
                           "bank_code": "053",
                           "bank_name": "Providus",
                           "id": "providus",
                           "default": true
                       "first_name": "Manny",
                       "last_name": "Norte",
                       "email": "",
                       "is_permanent": true,
                       "account_ref": "act_8aecca9b4",
                       "business_id": "sdss",
                       "date": "2021-08-08T11:08:31.000Z",
                       "status": "active",
                       "account_name": "MERCHANT(Manny Norte)",
                       "account_number": "9977632775",
                       "bvn": "9583475783587",
                       "__v": 0
               "wallet_ref": "wal_ae64e48ab8",
               "business_id": "sdss",
               "date": "2021-08-08T11:08:31.000Z",
               "currency": "NGN"
       "meta": {
           "page": 1,
           "limit": 10,
           "previousPage": false,
           "nextPage": false,
           "pageCount": 1,
           "total": 1
   "errors": {},
   "message": "Request successful"

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