Get details of a transaction

Find information about a particular transaction

Using Duplo's transaction_ref, you can fetch detailed information of a transaction.




Authorization string

set value to Bearer SECRET_KEY

Query Param

business_id string required

Merchant Business ID

Path Param

transaction_ref string required

Transaction reference

Sample request

curl --location --request GET '{{business_id}} \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer SECRET_KEY'

Duplo Response

   "data": {
       "currency": "NGN",
       "description": "Test notification",
       "account_number": "8880000566",
       "amount": 1000,
       "business_id": "8ed10fcc-1e1c-4ad1-9ed8-e870d6543349",
       "status": "successful",
       "provider_ref_id": "Wema Bank",
       "type": "debit",
       "channel": "in-system",
       "date": "2022-07-08T10:28:04.881Z",
       "transaction_ref": "tran_aV29xF0RmwSc",
       "wallet_ref": "wal_1Lex3jObH8kC",
       "vat": 0,
       "fee_amount": 0,
       "settled_amount": 0,
       "account_ref": "act_kcOwyEeCTAcc",
       "account": "629ef8f453ee38000d0dd313",
       "new_balance": 27958.9,
       "multiple_source_details": [],
       "category": "wallet_transfer"
   "errors": {},
   "message": "Record retrieved successfully"

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