Make Payments v2

Duplo Payout API v2

Process Description

The process begins when an API request is sent to the version 2 Duplo Payout API to initiate a transaction.

When a transaction is initiated, Duplo immediately checks the preferences set by the businesses on the Duplo dashboard, and sends an OTP to the set phone number.

The OTP should be passed to the Duplo process payout API and verified within one (1) hour, failure to which the transaction status changes to abandoned, and the transaction cannot be acted upon again.

If the recipient of the OTP did not get it the first time, the resend OTP API can be used to resend the API. However, for each individual transaction, the OTP can only be resent 3 times, after which a resend won't be applicable, which means the transaction will automatically be abandoned in 1 hour.

If the correct OTP is passed on the process payout API, the transaction status changes to pending from awaiting_otp_verification, and Duplo processes the transaction.

API Prerequisites

For all the below listed APIs, they all require the header Authorization Whose value is


The SECRET_KEY can be found on the Duplo dashboard. More information can be found here

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