Get details of a Transaction v2

Find information about a particular transaction




Authorization string

set value to Bearer SECRET_KEY

Query Param

business_id string required

Merchant business ID

Path Param

transaction_id string required

Your external transaction_id generated by you.

Sample request

curl --location --request GET '{{business_id}} \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer SECRET_KEY'

Duplo Response

    "data": {
        "receiver_details": {
            "bank_name": "GUARANTY TRUST BANK",
            "account_number": "0017063684",
            "account_name": "ADEWALE USMAN A",
            "bank_code": "058"
        "sync_status": "n/a",
        "currency": "NGN",
        "supporting_documents": [],
        "is_for_bill": false,
        "is_expense_account_transaction": false,
        "transaction_trail": [],
        "is_automated_settlement": false,
        "amount": 100,
        "description": "Testing v2 of send money",
        "business_id": "a1743536-e5e4-40fc-bd12-78a3de28677d",
        "status": "awaiting_otp_verification",
        "provider_ref_id": "",
        "channel": "nip",
        "type": "debit",
        "vat": null,
        "fee_amount": 0,
        "transaction_ref": "tran_bhtlyhhI5YwV",
        "settled_amount": 0,
        "date": "2024-01-23T16:51:04.134Z",
        "new_balance": 0,
        "category": "bank_transfer",
        "external_transaction_id": "12345678909",
        "account_type": "business account",
        "multiple_source_details": []
    "errors": {},
    "message": "Record retrieved successfully"

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